August 2014 Old Dundas Road Falls

Old Dundas Road Falls is located in the Ancaster section of Hamilton east of the hairpin turn of Old Dundas Road.

Old Dundas Road Falls is considered a Complex Ribbon Cascade waterfall with flow only after heavy rainfalls or during the winter snow melt, thus you may wish to plan your visit during these periods. Its total height is approximately 7 m. and it has a crest width of 1to 2 m. depending on flow. It usually is dry as it picks up only surface flows from above the waterfall.

Directions to this waterfall are as follows: At the west end of the Lincoln Alexander Parkway take the Rousseaux St. exit on the left side and follow this to Wilson St. E. (a “T” junction) and turn right. Then take the next left onto Montgomery Rd., and then turn right at the stop sign onto Old Dundas Road. At the next stop sign go straight through onto Lions Club Rd. and park on the gravel shoulder there. Carefully walk back uphill along the edge of the road to the bend. The waterfall is located on the east corner of the bend and is visible from the road. Note that this waterfall is located on private property.

Attached is a map showing the waterfall location (courtesy of the Hamilton Conservation Authority).

Also here are the coordinates of Old Dundas Road Falls: 43° 14′ 20 ” N, 79° 58′ 13″ W.

By Joseph Hollick

8a Old Dundas Rd Falls - Aug 2014 8b Map Old Dundas Rd Falls area