December 2016 – Duchess Falls

December 2016 – Duchess Falls

12-duchess-falls-dec-2016Giant’s Rib Escarpment Education Network’s (GREEN) Waterfall of the Month for December 2016 is Duchess Falls.

Duchess Falls is located in West Hamilton on Langs Creek just below Hwy 403. Duchess Falls is actually the third waterfall on Langs Creek with Upper Princess Falls and Lower Princess Falls being the other two falls which are located above Hwy 403.

Duchess Falls has a height of 4m (13 ft.) and a crest width of 1.5m (5 ft.) and is considered a Plunge Cascade Ribbon type waterfall. This waterfall does dry up, thus plan to visit it after a rainfall or during the winter snow melt.

To visit Duchess Falls – From the Brantford area on Hwy 403 take the Aberdeen Ave. exit, then turn left onto Longwood Rd. and then left onto Main St. West. – From the Burlington area on Hwy 403 take the Main St. West exit and turn left onto Main St. West.

Once on Main St. West, follow it past McMaster University until you reach Ewen Rd. Turn left onto Ewen Rd., follow it to Iona Ave. and turn right, then left onto Brodick St. Follow Brodick St. to the end, park the car, then you have to walk a short distance through the brush towards the creek and Hwy 403. The waterfall is located at the end of a concrete box culvert coming from under Hwy 403 which carries the waters of Langs Creek.

By Joseph Hollick