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February 2015 Great Falls

February 2015 Great Falls

Giant’s Rib Escarpment Education Network’s waterfall of the month for February 2015 is Great Falls.

Great Falls is also known by at least five alternate names: Waterdown Falls, Grindstone Falls, Smokey Hollow Falls, Palmers Falls, or just The Falls as per numerous vintage postcards depicting this waterfall. It is located in the Waterdown section of Hamilton on the Grindstone Creek in an area that used to be known as Smokey Hollow during the 1800’s. Its coordinates are 43.3305 N / 79.8872 W

Great Falls is a Terraced Ribbon Falls with a height of 10 metres (33 ft.) and a crest width of 5 metres (16 ft.). It has water flowing year round.
An unique feature of Great Falls is a cave that exists behind the falls. A recent photo of Great Falls taken in winter shows the waterfall as a mixture of ice and water, however if you look to the left side of the picture, you can see an opening leading to an Ice Cave behind the falls. The second photo shows this amazing Ice Cave.2bGreatFallsIceCave
The Bruce Trail passes by Great Falls, however if you are driving, the directions are as follows: From Hwy 403 take Waterdown Rd. exit and go north towards Waterdown. As you enter Waterdown, the roadway turns 90 degrees to the left and immediately after this, turn left into the Smokey Hollow Resource Management Area parking lot. This waterfall is next to the parking lot.

By Joseph Hollick