Jul 11

July 2014 Centennial Falls

Centennial Falls is located in east Hamilton, in the first ravine on the west side of Centennial Parkway, approximately 1/3 the way up the Niagara Escarpment, as you travel southbound from King St.

Centennial Falls is considered a Complex Ribbon Cascade waterfall with three distinct drop sections .This waterfall is seasonal, thus it is best to visit it after a heavy rainfall or during the winter snow melt. Its total height is approximately 15 m., depending on how much of the cascades are included, and it has a crest width of 2 – 3 m., depending on flow, which can widen out further down the waterfall.

The waterfall is named after Centennial Parkway, beside which it is located, and was only named in 2008 as it was only “discovered” that year.

To visit Centennial Falls, exit the QEW at Centennial Parkway and drive southbound (up the Niagara Escarpment) past King St. As you climb up the escarpment, park on the shoulder beside the first ravine (about one-third the way up), then follow the ravine for about 5 minutes to the base of the escarpment, then partially climb up the escarpment to the waterfall. Note if you park at the second ravine (two/thirds up the escarpment) you will be beside Billy Green Falls and not Centennial Falls.

Attached is a map showing the waterfall location (courtesy of the Hamilton Conservation Authority).

Also here are the coordinates of Centennial Falls: 43° 12′ 35.37″ N,  79° 46′ 9.36″ W

By Joe Hollick