May 2017 Westcliffe Falls

May 2017 Westcliffe Falls

Giant’s Rib Escarpment Education Network’s (GREEN) Waterfall of the Month for May 2017 is Westcliffe Falls.

Westcliffe Falls is located in Hamilton above the Chedoke Civic Golf Course on a tributary of the West Chedoke Creek. Its coordinates are 43.2452° N, 79.9088° W.

Westcliffe Falls generally has year round flow except during extended dry periods. It has a height of 15m (49 ft.) and a crest width of 2m (7ft.) and is considered a Complex Ribbon Cascade type waterfall. During heavier flows, the waterfall widens out half way down, and then narrows again towards the bottom, giving the appearance of a diamond in the woods against the escarpment face (see attached photo).

To view Westcliffe Falls, from Hwy 403 take the Aberdeen Ave. exit and travel approximately 1 km to Studholme Rd. Turn right onto Studholme Rd. and then turn left onto Beddoe Dr. which will take you to the Chedoke Golf Course parking lot. From the parking lot, follow the Chedoke Radial Trail westward past the metal stairs, about 25m to the first creek which is fenced off. On the east side of the fenced creek, there is a path leading upwards. Follow this path until you reach the Chedoke Creek (about 50m), cross it and climb up the small hill to reach Westcliffe Falls.

By Joseph Hollick