October 2016 Lower Cliffview Falls

October 2016 Lower Cliffview Falls

GREEN’s Waterfall of the Month for October 2016 is Lower Cliffview Falls.

Lower Cliffview Falls is located on a tributary of the West Chedoke Creek at the Chedoke Civic Golf Course in Hamilton.

Lower Cliffview Falls is considered a Talus Classic Cascade type waterfall. This waterfall normally has year round flow, although it can be reduced to a trickle during prolonged dry periods. Its total height is 4 m (13 ft.) and its width is 3 m (10 ft.).

This is the second waterfall on this branch of the West Chedoke Creek as the first waterfall is located approximately 200m upstream of Lower Cliffview Falls and is called Cliffview Falls.

In addition, Lower Cliffview Falls is actually the east half of the Double Waterfall at the Chedoke Golf Course, with Lower Westcliffe Falls being the west half of this Double Waterfall. The two waterfalls are located on two separate branches of the West Chedoke Creek which fall over the escarpment almost side by side as two separate waterfalls; however at the bottom of these two waterfalls, the two creeks merge to become one creek, the west branch of Chedoke Creek.

To visit Lower Cliffview Falls is fairly easy. From Hwy 403, take the Aberdeen Ave. exit, then travel for less than 1 km and turn right onto Studholme Rd. (towards the Chedoke Civic Golf Course), then turn left onto Beddoe Dr. and follow it to the golf course. Park in the parking lot. The waterfall is located about 40m west of the steel staircase (going up the Niagara Escarpment) and can be viewed through the chain link fence located beside the paved walkway west of the steel staircase.

By Joseph Hollick