Discovery Centres


Welcome to the Giant’s Rib Discovery Centre!

A Discovery Centre is a place where you can stop in along the trail and learn about the wonders of the Niagara Escarpment World Biosphere Reserve. Our main Discovery Centre in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area closed operations in 2017, but some of the educational displays remain. A collaborative centre can be found at Inglis Falls in Owen Sound, and interpretive panels at Cabot Head (closed until 2019). Before the organisation’s closure, we were working hard to expand to a network of Centres all along the Escarpment in Ontario. You can learn more about where the Discovery Centre Came from and its history by visiting these links:


Our main Centre was located inside the Dundas Valley Conservation Area’s Trail Centre. The Conservation Area contains 40 km of trails in the Dundas Valley; a nodal park along the Niagara Escarpment. You can learn more about the Escarpment and the Dundas Valley by clicking on the image to the right.

Your visit to the Centre will include interpretive display panels with many interesting facts and images relating to the Niagara Escarpment and fossils on display more than 400 million years old…twice as old as the dinosaurs!


So enhance your walk along the Bruce Trail, your visit to a waterfall or grotto or cave or cliff with a visit to a Discovery Centre!

Escarpment Discovery Centre at Inglis Falls, Owen Sound.

DSCN4512In the 1990’s, when the Giant’s Rib Discovery Centre was only a concept, another Centre was being planned for Inglis Falls in Owen Sound. Much like the fate of the Centre in Hamilton, the Centre in Owen Sound was never constructed.

An Escarpment Discovery Centre, however, was established at the remains of the mill beside the waterfall. Some interpretive displays were established to enhance the visitor experience.

In 2015 the Dundas Discovery Centre got a makeover and we’re now happy to say that the Owen Sound Centre got one too! New interpretive panels and displays are now installed, fossils from the Escarpment can be viewed and materials from the study of ancient cedars are also on display, with more enhancements on the way in.


inglis falls