Jul 26

Giant’s Rib Receives Significant Fossil Donation

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Giant’s Rib Receives Significant Fossil Donation

The Giant’s Rib Escarpment Education Network (GREEN) is now displaying a new series of fossils recently donated from the New York section of the Niagara Escarpment. New York resident and fossil enthusiast, Fred Barber, donated them in memory of Brent Caleb, owner of the world-famous Caleb Rochester Shale locality.


New illuminated display case for our best fossils.

The significant, museum quality fossils are now on display at the Discovery Centre, featured with the best of our fossil collection in our new illuminated display cabinet. This is a significant addition to our collection and creates a wonderful showpiece for the ongoing improvements to the Centre.

This recent donation is an example of the kind of things an Escarpment Education Network can accomplish through partnerships. Our new Ancient Seas display (coming very soon) contains a marvelous depiction of the Silurian seas… where the Rib originated… by Emily S. Damstra. Emily’s attention to scientific accuracy and detail had her consulting with paleontologists on a regular basis. The group which has been finding fossils at the Caleb quarry asked if Emily’s illustration could appear in a book they are creating about their fossil finds.

Of course we said yes and as a result of a friendly exchange, a copy of that book will find its way to our Centre, and, like Christmas in July, it also came with a most generous donation of fossils.  So, we thank Fred Barber for his contribution and proudly display an amazing sea lily, a cystoid, and some wicked trilobites!


Arctinerus boltoni

Arctinerus boltoni



dalmanites limulurus

Dalmanites limulurus








dendrocrinus longidactylus

Dendrocrinus longidactylus

trimerus delphinocephalus

Trimerus delphinocephalus