Guided Hike Program:

Check out our fun, guided interpretive hikes in the Dundas Valley, Albion Falls and Crawford Lake! Part of Conservation Ontario’s Healthy Hikes Program.

Teacher’s Kits:

Activity Outlines for a unit of work “Rocks and Minerals” designed for teachers and students working at the Grade 4 level.

Artist of the Month:

Each month we feature works from an artist or photographer at the centre.

Guided Hike Program

Guided Hike Program

Teacher's Kits

Teacher’s Kits

Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month

Waterfall of the Month

Old Dundas Road Falls

August 2014 Old Dundas Road Falls

Old Dundas Road Falls is located in the Ancaster section of Hamilton east of the hairpin turn of Old Dundas Road. Old Dundas Road Falls is considered a Complex Ribbon Cascade waterfall with flow only after heavy rainfalls or during the winter snow melt, thus you may wish to plan your visit during these periods. Its total height is approximately 7 m. and it has a crest width of 1to 2 m. depending on flow. It usually is dry as it picks up only surface flows from above the waterfall.


Off Old Dundas Road


Height 7 metres
Width 1 to 2 metres

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