Arts and Photography Series

Please note, since the closure of operations at the Dundas Discovery Centre, the Arts and Photography program no longer runs. You can view previously featured artists’ work by exploring the links below.

Artist of the Month

The Centre is currently not featuring artists on weekends.


Previous Featured Artists Links

Brian Darcy
Carolyn Dover
Chris Bacon
Guennadi Kalinine
Hayley Sousa
Josh Tiessen
Kathyn Bourbonniere
Mark Williams
Stephen Landers
Stephanie Rochon
Serena Livingston
Paul Simon
Tarja Barton
Kathryn Chorney
Emily Damstra
Celia Godkin
Robin K. Herman
Kathryn Killackey
Karen Logan
Nellie Sue Potter
Daniel K. Wilson
Jeff Dickie
Sylvia Simpson
Branko Gregov
Lynn Macintyre