January 2017 – Fruitland Falls

January 2017 – Fruitland Falls

Giant’s Rib Escarpment Education Network’s (GREEN) Waterfall of the Month for January 2017 is Fruitland Falls.

1-fruitland-falls-january-2017Fruitland Falls is located in the Fruitland section of Hamilton beside the CN Railway tracks along the Niagara Escarpment, on an unnamed creek in the Stoney Creek watershed. As this creek is located in Fruitland, we will refer to it as Fruitland Creek.

Fruitland Falls has a height of 20m (66 ft.) and a crest width of 3m (10 ft.) and is considered a Fan Ribbon Cascade type waterfall. This waterfall does dry up, having flow mainly after a rainfall or during the winter snow melt.

As this waterfall is located on the CN right-of-way, it is private property, and there is no public access to it. Railway tracks are private property, thus you are advised not to trespass here but instead, just enjoy the attached picture of Fruitland Falls.

By Joseph Hollick