September 2014 Veever’s Falls

Veever’s Falls is located in east Hamilton and is considered a Complex Ribbon Cascade waterfall with flow only after heavy rainfalls or during the winter snow melt, thus you may wish to plan your visit during these periods. Its total height is 14 m. (46 ft.) and it has a width of 2.5 m. (8 ft.). It usually is dry as it picks up only surface flows from above the waterfall.

Veever’s Falls was “discovered” by Paul Beneteau of the Bruce Trail Iroquoia Section in 2007 when he was checking out the nearby BruceTrail.

To visit Veever’s Falls; from QEW take the Centennial Parkway exit and follow this road south. Turn right onto King St. E. and then left on Greenhill Ave. Park across from 743 Greenhill Ave and follow the BruceTrail access trail towards the escarpment brow until you see the waterfall.

The coordinates of Veever’s Falls are 43° 12′ 32.14″ N  79° 46′ 51.17″ W

By Joseph Hollick

9 Veever's Falls - September 2014