Mar 30

Pottery at the Rib!

Pottery at the Rib!

Now visitors to the Giant’s Rib Discovery Centre can take away more than just a memory! GREEN has now arranged to have a line of pottery available for sale at the Centre. Visitors to the Centre or the Dundas Valley can now take home a hand-crafted piece of stoneware pottery, each a unique piece of Canadian made art!

Each piece is made especially for the Giant’s Rib and is signed by the artist, Barbara Van Sickle of Escarpment Pottery Studios. Escarpment Pottery Studios Website
The stoneware is made with environmentally friendly materials and processes, dishwasher and microwave safe, and comes in a choice of a brown or turquoise theme.

All proceeds from pottery and other sales go towards keeping the centre open and continuing to provide public education programs and outreach about the Niagara Escarpment World Biosphere.

Stop by the Giant’s Rib Discovery Centre weekends from 10 to 3, see works from our featured artist, fossils from nearly half a billion years ago on display, peruse our Niagara Escarpment library and enjoy the wonders of the Dundas Valley.

Stay tuned for more new and exciting news from the the Giant’s Rib Escarpment Education network!

        Mugs $20          Birdfeeders $35    Cheese Tray with
xx                                                                             Dip Bowl $40

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We also sell greeting cards, waterfalls posters, fossil medallions and more to come!