The new ROM fossils are here!

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The new ROM fossils are here!

This spring we have some massive specimens on loan from the Royal Ontario Museum! We’ve got gastropods (snails), extinct tabulate corals, a big ol’ stromatopod (stony sponge) and one which contains multiple specimens!

So come on out to the Discovery Centre on weekends this spring and catch them while they’re here. These fossils are from the Niagara Escarpment and are more than 400 million years old! Did you know that dinosaur fossils are way younger than Escarpment fossils? Escarpment fossils are remains of creatures which were some of the very first life to live on Earth! Is that cool or what?

The specimen details can be found below. You can read up on them and then visit them in person. While you are at the Centre, you can also view our permanent collection of wonderful fossil specimens and the kids can experience the real feel at our touch table. Giant Sea Scorpions, nautiloids, trilobites, sea lilies and more!

There’s plenty to see this spring at the Centre and more to do. Join us for a guided hike , make a fossil medallion, browse our library or pick up a souvenir, all in the beauty of the Dundas Valley Conservation Area.




The Royal Ontario Museum is raising funds for an early life exhibit and we’re happy to spread the word. Read up on details below.